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While conceivably an interesting topic, you don’t want to focus on the torture aspect of 1984. It can be a viable part of other research paper topics, but standing alone it can be too much to take in. Comparing it to governments today – especially your own – might also be a bad move. So much secrecy and controversy shrouds torture use today, that any connection you do make is up for speculation.

Topics For An Argumentative Essay About 1984

essay topics for 1984

The Party Control In 1984

After Winston is caught being disloyal to the Party, he is taken to the Ministry of Love. Eden Meirow is a full-time copywriter and part-time freelance writer. When she’s not working, she’s constantly trying to expand her creativity through music, writing, art, and animation. Don’t try to cram all the stuff you know about the book into your essay. What ends up happening is that you either start summarizing instead of analyzing, or you just don’t have the time or the page count to fully flesh out your ideas.

Argumentative: 1984 Essay Topics

However, you can request for assistance with the paper if your busy schedule is an inconvenience. We offer professional writing services to students in any type of academic papers. Our English speaking expert writers have in-depth knowledge of literature and can analyze any subject in the book with ease. However, there are many other topics in 1984 that are worth discussion and essays.

Another common characteristic of a dystopia is that the government uses propaganda to control the citizens of a society . Winston tries to get Julia to understand this concept. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right. Of course, that the past is falsified, but it would never be possible for me to prove it, even when, I did the falsification myself” .

George Orwell

He constantly strives to fight back against his unmaking, trying to strike out as a person whenever he can. By having so much trouble standing out on his own against The Party, the reader can see just how difficult it is to get out from under their thumb.

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essay topics for 1984

Many of the scenes, while blatantly anti-democratic, are not that far from the loss of privacy and the censorship that exist in America and elsewhere in recent times. So long as you call something the ’right’ name it doesn’t matter what the ministry actually does. If the overall theme is Orwell’s 1984, then you are somewhat limited in terms of the range of topics that you can write about. However, the theme of the book was also falsely approached as a critique to totalitarianism only. As it turned out, this book questions the values of all societies, including the democracy we used to idealize so much.

During the 1980s, when 1984 was supposed to achieve its full glory, its essence was diluted. People were associating it only with The Big Brother, a TV show that everyone was watching.

You may use some of these to expand and extend your arguments in one of the above topics, or discuss them with your teacher as other possible essay topics. In this lesson, we will look at some essay topics from George essay topics for 1984 in youtube Orwell’s 1984. We will then discuss some possible ways to start and build essays from those topics. The control of information – throughout Oceania, there is only one party and one leader called Big Brother.

An example of how the Party changes facts is when Winston is given the assignment to replace a man named Withers from all documents. Withers had some how disgraced the Party and the Party didn’t want people to think that such a disgraceful man could have been a member of the party. Winston replaced Withers and his name with an imaginary character named Comrade Ogilvy. 1984 is based on a totalitarian government which means the Party has say over everything.

Orwell was reacting in part to the fascism / fanaticism of Nazi Germany, the repressive policies of the Soviet Union, and the loss of privacy and freedom due to the repression he saw and despised. This book, while seemingly extreme essay topics for 1984 in google in its depiction of a fascist state, is chilling in its detail and not that far from reality when totalitarian states are taken into consideration. This is brilliant fiction that is based on factual events in the author’s life.

The symbol of omnipresent dictatorship and a government that watches us started losing its frightening power. Rhetoric, words, and language have enormous power in this society. Consider the phrase, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength” as well as the fact that the state of war and who it essay topics for 1984 is with is constantly shifting. In this society reality is based on information and Orwell’s novel, the information is all related by words. The power of language in this novel is one of the most potent forces that exists and as a result, the state goes through great lengths to influence and control language.

Essays For 1984

Don’t risk your entire research paper on a flimsy and possibly offensive idea. Share with 1984 cannot be used as i write but also read 1984 by george orwell gave us an english author george orwell. Why george orwell wrote ”1984” – the odyssey essay help mba online. Despite this oppression and revisionism, Winston is an individual.

Instead of remaining docile and thankful for Big Brother’s many gifts, Winston just wants to strike out on his own and demand his life back. Winston often reflects on his position in long monologues throughout the book, demonstrating that he remembers the past even if his job makes sure that no one else does . The book even goes beyond this assertion because in Oceania Big Brother even controlled the thoughts of the people. This made it impossible for people to rebel because rebellion cannot be carried out without ideas and the cooperation of many people.

Everything is completely controlled, from the broadcast to rewriting history. Everything is done with Big Brother and the totalitarian regime in mind. You can see how Winston Smith has a very hard time and why he is struggling in his work. If you have chosen one of these topics, check out our guide on how to write an analysis essay in the proper sequence. What Beatty is saying is to give the people a bunch of useless information so they think they are smart, but in reality, they are not gaining any extra knowledge.


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